Class of 2020 Senior Rep Styled Shoot

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney

I feel like this quote is very relatable, not only because of the theme of this shoot but in light of my journey with photography! Maybe one day I will get a chance to sit done and write about how I got here for those who haven't heard my story during a session. However, in the meantime, all I’ll say is that God has richly blessed me with such a wonderful career, doing something I love and have had a passion for, ever since middle school.

Part of my awesome job is working with high school seniors. One of the many reasons I love seniors is not only their explosive energy but their ability to run with any crazy idea I may come up with, and my 2020 Model Rep Team is no exception.

When we first talked about ideas for our group styled shoot there were so many that I thought would be fun to try, but ultimately I let the kids decide, the whole time hoping they would pick this one. Disney.

They did such a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life and I am so lucky and honored that I get to work with these guys this summer! Watch out world because the Class of 2020 has some dreamers!

Emile Blasczyk